License Agreement

Personal Use License

Personal use means you can make copies of uncolored images/pages in print or digital format for your own personal use, but you cannot distribute them without written permission from Life Escapes Adult Coloring Books owner – Kimberly Hawthorne and/or partnering artists.

This license includes but is not limited to the following:

Any and all uncolored images/pages as they appear in print, pdf, digital download and on website ( Exception: free coloring pages offered on website and social media can be shared freely when linking back to any page on or the website as a whole.

You may NOT share coupon codes or links for digital downloads.

You may do as you wish with your finished/colored pages/images that you have obtained from one of our print books and/or from our website or social media locations.


For questions, comments or other…please contact us at

Thank You

Kimberly Hawthorne