Life Escapes Coloring Collection 1

60 grayscale coloring pages, big value…big book…big variety of coloring themes; from kids to clowns, fish to birds, landscapes, nature, flowers, from a little odd to jaw-dropping awesome by Kimberly Hawthorne

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10 Page Sampler Pack

This book is great! It has a wide variety of very nice illustrations that will appeal to almost everyone, as well as range from beginner to experienced skill level.”

Barbara M.


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Life Escapes Coloring Collection 1 Color Guide

Colored Pages from Customers

Debbie HaweDebbie Hawe2Els Van der Velpen (2)Els Van der VelpenEls Van der Velpen2Judith TivendaleKimberly HawthorneKimberly Hawthorne2Kimberly Hawthorne3Kimberly Hawthorne4Kristina Grigoli (2)Kristina GrigoliKristina Grigoli2Linda RushingLinda Rushing2Linda Rushing3Linda Rushing4Linda Rushing5Linda Rushing6Madeleine PoeMary DiPhillipo (2)Mary DiPhillipoMary DiPhillipo2Mary DiPhillipo4Mary DiPhillipo6Mary DiPhillipo7Mary DiPhillipo8Mary DiPhillipo9Mary DiPhillipo10Nina DaloiaNina Daloia2Nina Daloia3Nina Daloia4Nina Daloia5Peggy Brabec (2)Peggy BrabecPeggy Brabec2Peggy Brabec3Ronda FrancisSabrina Tomaszewski (2)Sabrina TomaszewskiSandy KielSandy Kiel2Sandy Kiel3Sandy Kiel4Sandy Kiel5Sandy Kiel6Sandy Kiel7Sandy Kiel8Sheila FradySheila Frady2Sheila Frady3Sheila Frady4Shirley FollisSue HopkinsSue Hopkins2Teddi Krock