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Evil Clowns 2 Grayscale Coloring Book for Adults PDF

Embrace your dark side with the “Evil Clowns 2 Grayscale Coloring Book for Adults,” a spine-chilling collection meticulously crafted by Kimberly Hawthorne for Life Escapes. This digital PDF book boasts 50 intricately designed grayscale images of haunting clowns, delivering a unique art therapy experience like no other.


  • 50 Eerie Grayscale Coloring Pages: Traverse the eerie world of evil clowns, each one more haunting than the last, offering a thrilling palette for your darkest colors.

  • Art Therapy with an Edge: Venture outside the norm and experience the therapeutic benefits of coloring, as these dark designs serve to engage the mind and spark the imagination.

  • Stress Relief: Delve into a world that not only challenges your artistic skills but also serves as an exceptional outlet for stress relief and relaxation.

  • PDF Format: Conveniently available in a digital PDF format, allowing you immediate access to begin your coloring adventure.

  • Expertly Designed by Kimberly Hawthorne: Known for her masterful grayscale designs, Kimberly Hawthorne creates another absorbing world that combines the intricate and the haunting, specifically targeting adult coloring enthusiasts.


  • Enhanced Mental Engagement: The act of coloring these complex, spooky figures requires deep concentration, serving as a unique and engaging mental escape from everyday stressors.

  • Creative Outlet: The grayscale format invites you to experiment with varying shades and hues, adding depth and realism to these menacing clowns.

  • Emotional Release: Confront the darker corners of your creativity and find an unconventional path to emotional equilibrium and stress relief.

Designer and Company

Designed by Kimberly Hawthorne and presented by Life Escapes, names that stand for creativity, intricate design, and therapeutic benefits in the adult coloring book industry.

Unleash your darker creative impulses with “Evil Clowns 2 Grayscale Coloring Book for Adults.” Available exclusively in a convenient digital PDF format, this book beckons you into a world that will both disturb and delight, while offering opportunities for art therapy, relaxation, and stress relief. Get ready for a coloring experience that’s anything but ordinary.

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