Life Escapes Coloring Books Collection

Monthly Surprise Bundle

Processing of this item will be done manually so please allow 24 hours for the first package to be delivered to the specified email address.

What better way to make yourself or your coloring buddy super happy, than to get you/them a gift that surprises the receiver every month for an entire year.

Pay once for a whole 12 months and get a package of high resolution adult coloring pages, hand selected from random Life Escapes Adult Coloring Books, every month.

Every month for 12 whole months, you or your gift recipient will receive 30 top-quality, high-resolution coloring pages in a variety of themes. That is 360 coloring pages for the low price of $74. 


The purchase of this package means you agree to and are legally bound to the following:

You understand that this is a single purchase for personal use only. Copying, selling or giving away, or otherwise distributing in any way, shape or form, the coloring pages in this package is strictly prohibited.

With that said, you are given permission to make copies for only yourself to practice on, try various mediums or paper, etc…If you purchased the package as a gift, the recipient will be the sole owner of the product and is bound to the above.

A copy of this notice will be included in every monthly package. If the recipient of this package is someone other than yourself…please include their first name and email address where the package should be delivered.


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