Any Time Coloring Greeting Card #G1 Digital Printout

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Included with your order:

  1. One coloring greeting card
  2. One plain envelope template
  3. one piece greeting card/envelope

Our coloring greeting cards are unique and versatile. Each card comes with an envelope template to print cut and fold and glue. Print your envelope template on colored paper if you wish.

You can color the picture on the front of the card, cut out the full card and fold to write a message inside. Or, you can cut out your colored picture and write on the back or include a separate note/letter. Either way, it will fit in the envelope if both are printed exactly as created.

We recommend cutting a piece of tissue paper to size to cover and protect your colored picture.

Each card also comes with a unique second version. This is the card and envelope as a one piece unit. Color the picture on the inside of the envelope then cut, fold and glue the envelope template around your colored interior. Add a note or letter inside the envelope if you wish. Your recipient will be able to cut your beautiful coloring from the envelope to save it.

We recommend using card stock to print all 3 pages on.

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