Oldtimer Coloring Book for Adults Digital Download


Oldtimer Coloring Book for Adults Digital Download tpot12017

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Oldtimer Grayscale Adult Coloring Book for Men

43 Oldtimer Images of Vintage Rustic Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Tools, Motorcycles and other Things Men Like

Oldtimer is a GRAYSCALE coloring book for men. Grayscale is very different than traditional black outline coloring books. Grayscale coloring is meant for people who want to create more realistic colored images. Learn how to color grayscale at

Author/Artist Timothy Parks brings you Oldtimer Grayscale Coloring Books for Adult. The book is 8.5 x 11 inches. Images are printed on one side of the page.

We recommend using a ruler and razor to carefully cut pages from the book for display or to scan and copy onto other types of paper. Please do not sell or give away copied pages that are not colored. Commercial use of the pages as they appear in this book is strictly prohibited.

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